Town-Country National Bank

How to get started and use your TCNB Bill Pay.


The more you use TCNB Bill Pay, the more it can simplify your life.


When you get started you can schedule payments at your convenience 24/7, and save time by paying your bills all in one place. You can also make payments safely directly from your checking account.


Here’s how to get started:

  • Grab a bill and log in to your NetTeller account
  • Click on the Bill Pay tab
  • Add a payee under the “Payees” tab
  • Enter the information for the individual or company you wish to pay
  • Make your payment

It’s that simple. And that’s just the start. TCNB Bill Pay also lets you schedule recurring payments, set up helpful payment reminders, and do it all from one convenient location.


To learn more about scheduling payments, watch this helpful step-by-step demo.

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